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holy shit dude...last night was fucking crazy...after school jon and me went to go pick up tiff and went to go eat at Mcdonalds...nate, alb, cachits and osker went...it was fun, then we dropped her off and hung out at exodus or wutever for a while w/danny and julio, then i think we just stayed at jons for a while and then like at around 10 we decide to go across to get a bottle cause gabee came to visit from austin, so we sneek it back and get some oj and gatorade...then pick up tiff* and joana and go to the spot and started haveing some but i didnt want to cause my stomach was feeling all wierd from tuesday, so i stopped...then bert showed up we sat by the cars for a while...then i notice a car comeing w/lights on the roof and i said "dude thats a fucking cop" nobody belived me and then he flashed the lights at us, yeah then everybody belived me...he came out of the car and started asking bert for his license and bert said um i dont have it and the cop yelled WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT ITS RETIRED, or some shit like that but bert said i dont have it w/me, damn that cop was really dumb, anyway he was aksing all these questions and asking gabee how old he was and gabee said 18 and then the cop said wut year so gabee said 86 and the cop how can u be 18, and gabee said "count it up dude" lol.....and then he was like o ok cause his bday was in august...so then he went to nates car checking the bottles and i was saying those bottles were already here when we got here and all this shit, and i was scared for joana and tiff cause they couldnt get in any trouble cause they were going to new york for band and jons sister is getting a scholar ship for notre dame so i told bert to say that he picked up all 3 of them so they were going to be ok but i think jon was going to get arrested or something cause of the bottle but the cop made him empty it out, so yea the other cop shows up and they are talking and we are all praying and stuff then here he comes again and he say "look all of you just go home we dont wana see you guys here again" and they took off speeding w/the sirens on...turns out they got an important call so we got away w/it...wut are the fucking odds of that happening...damn it almost felt like a movie...damn everyone was happy so we droped off tiff and jojo and went to jons house....turns out we got ditched but we didnt care...so we met up w/alb and osker and went across and had a good time...crazy night...after that night i think we all know who our friends really are...well yeah im getting my pics developed today so theyll be up soon....lates everyone
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