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3more days!!!

fucking survey

Thirteen random things you like:
01) TIFF
02) sleeping
03) DEFTONES(i dont think thats random)
04) lime
05) hot water
06) drinkin
07) hoodies
08) doing good in school
09) vodka
10) the dark
11) honey roasted peanut butter
12) being with my friends
13) not this number

Twelve movies:
01) my girl
02) donnie darko
03) bad news bears
04) water boy
05) half baked
06) don't be a menace
08) boondock saints
09) jack the bear
10) the hot chick
11) forest gump
12) the crow 1 and 2

Eleven good bands/artists:
01) deftones
02) underoath
03) taking back sunday
04) death by stereo
05) sublime
06) agnostic front
07) nofx
08) dead poetic
09) bleeding through
10) unearth
11) norma jean

Ten things about you ... physically:
01) i have a wierd right ear
02) short hair
03) im hairy
04) my friends say i have nice nails (wtf)
05) my eyes get dry alot
06) i have boney elbows
07)long eyelashes
08) i have a scar by my eye
09) when i get mad my nostrils flare out
10) and i have gurl hands

Nine good friends:
01) TIFF bo biff.
02) Joanna
03) Freddy
04) xQx
05)Jon...........i only have 5
Eight favorite foods/drinks:
01) chocolate milk
02) buffalo wings
03) pop tarts
04) vodka w/gatorade and orange juice
05) red bull
06) honey roasted peanut butter
07) oreo blizzards
08) and wendys

Seven things you wear daily:
01) black braclet tiff gave me
02) axe
03) socks
04) pants
05) my necklace, sometimes
06) hoodie sometimes
07) tiff give me something so i can wear it

Six things that annoy you:
01) me(sometimes)
02) ppl who dont know when to shut up
03) bad drivers
04) ppl who talk shit when they say they dont
05) ppl who arent good friends
06) when i cant take off in 1st gear...ha

Five things you touch everyday:
01) toothbrush
02) my nose
03) pants
04) eyes
05) face

Four shows you watch:
01) chapelles show
02) south park
03) warped weekend
04) reno911

Three celebrities you have a crush on:
01) jessica alba
02) jennifer love hewit
03) rachel micadams
Two people on LJ you have kissed:
01) tiff

One person you could spend the rest of your life with:
1) dont know
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visine for contacts.
thank you...o yeah 2more days now...but dont worry they are doing another tour after this one so maybe youll get to see then that time around lates...
wow. best news I've head yet.

Deleted comment

yeah but i got the hang of it now ;)
Nine good friends:
01) TIFF bo biff.
02) Joanna
03) Freddy
04) xQx
05)Jon...........i only have 5

dude i meant that as in ladies 1st...hahaha lates
07) tiff give me something so i can wear it

hey i gave u that ring but u didn't accept it :P jk i know its fucking gay especially since i stole it from a gay guy

and yeah i couldnt tell the difference between honey roasted peanut butter and regular :( sigh..