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its really sad how stupid ppl can be, how they think they are right when everybody else knows they are wrong...well wut can you do...

anyways tiff has been gone for not a long time at all but it feels like FOR-E-VER, FOREV-ER, haha...well yeah anyways shes comeing back tomorrow cant wait, i love that gurl so much...next week is going to suck w/finals and all, i would have been exempt or wutever but i have like six abcences or something well yeah...

i just got back from hanging out w/some friends that i hadnt seen in a while and it was cool...
yesterday i hung out w/roy, i put some 4's yesterday and it hurt allot but im waiting till they heal
so i can put some 2's and i hope i stop after there but i probably wont...well anyways just here w/my bros while my parents go out for a while...

random shit...

-full throttle energy drink is pretty good
-retainers suck
-school sucks
-i wana get a job
-i hope i passed the THEA test
-hhmmm i wonder what chino is doing right now ha
-bert where are you
-talked to orlando today, that guys is still cool to me
-my life is really good right now
-i feel like playing w/my hacky sack
-i want tiff to sleep over again...

yeah here are some pics...well lates


  this is my fav. pic of tiff...(damn she is so beautiful)

thats alb and me when i was clean cut, ha....yeah???

tiff and me(no shit)

me when i was like 4 and shit

me w/the hardcore crew(KYD), xALEXx, xQx, me and xJAVIx....


 jon, gabee, me, orlando, isreal, danny on top and thats nates hand in the back, that night was cool, it was a sausage fest for the exeption of tiff(shes takeing the pic) but anyways we had fun...

tiff and me about 6months ago when we first started talking....yeah good times, i love that girl...



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